Hello world. I’m back at writing, finally. I assumed that some of you were wondering where the hell I was (just 1 or 2 is enough, I’m begging, somebody please raises your hands if you are questioning about my existence). Was I dead or was I just vanished from this wild world into thin air or was I travelling back to my mother universe on the most tremendously modern ship you’ve ever thought of?

Whatever it was, I’m here now (yeah sorry, this amazing individual is going nowhere). I have been on a roller coaster of life, up and down for a year and a half. Probably, 2016 was the most scariest year of all time. I’ve made many stupid and spontaneous decisions in this year. The last time I was that impromptu was while being in college. For God’s sake, now I remember how wild I was back then.

Anyhow, my 2016 and its wilderness is a story for another day, today I’m just focusing on my recent summer trip (probably my ONLY trip in this year, I think). So last week, I had a quick get-away to the Lion City a.k.a the amazing Singapura. This is the third time I visit this country and it’s still as wonderful as the first time. But it was a mixed feeling trip too. I almost missed my flight, then got stuck at custom for 10 minutes to answering the series of questions as if I was 007’s daughter (does he have any daughter or son anyway?). Then I reunited with my boyfriend, we had such a wonderful time together accompanied by the most breathtaking scenery and dumbfounded food.

Giant mantou on our walkway from hotel to China Town subway
Another types of colossal mantou

The trip was almost perfect. The last day, I was back at the hotel to enjoy my most precious moment of all time: PACKING; while my boyfriend was doing his last minute shopping. Everything was fine and peaceful as usual, suddenly, BAM …. we received a text from our landlord regarding our cats situation. Good Lord, I was dizzy and shaking, my whole world turned up side down in just a second. And you know what, at that moment I badly wish I had some sort of magic so I can teleport myself back to our house to take care of that disturbing matter.

Long story short, the almost perfect trip was … perfect in some ways. We had chance to eat a lots of food including one of a kind Michelin-starred food hawker.

The board says it all
Famous Michelin-starred dish: Hongkong soya sauce chicken rice
Mixed bbq dish and beansprout with fried garlic

The place is called Liao Fan Hawker Chan. It is probably the only Michelin-starred restaurant that does not require customer wearing fancy dress code. It’s so casual and super laid back that if you do not do your research, you probably don’t know it’s actually one of a kind restaurants in Singapore.

We ordered the famous Honkong Soya Sauce Chicken rice, the mixed bbq dish includes charsiu, roasted chicken and crispy porks, beansprout with fried garlic and a wonton soup. Everything was super delicious, especially the soya sauce chicken which it’s been famous for. I still remember how tender and juicy the chicken was as if it’s melting in my mouth right at this moment. I’m telling you, I’m sitting at a coffee shop now and keep smacking my lips together just by looking at the picture.

The only down side of the restaurant is it’s always crowded, but hey, it is what it is right? You’d better have an eye of an eagle and a ¬†lighting speed of a cheetah in order to spot an empty place for seating. Unless you order take out, then none of those special skills is needed.

The second famous restaurant we visited this time is Jumbo seafood. We missed it last time so under any circumstances, we must make it here to eat the one and only Chili freaking-awesome crab. It’s all worth the waiting. We ordered a lots of food (eyes bigger than stomach as always): chili crab, pepper crab, salted fish and chicken fried rice and stir-fried spinach.

I wouldn’t care for pepper crab that much, but the chili crab is a MUST if you’ve ever had a chance to go here. It’s delicious, finger licking dish, I promise. You will not be disappointed at all. And one crucial advice for everybody: eat them all at once, even you are so full and one more bite will make you throw up, but please, for the love of this peaceful world, EAT THEM ALL.

Salted fish and chicken fried rice
Stir fried spinach

You might wonder why I’m yelling at you for? After all eat them all or take them home is the same right? But you are WRONG, completely WRONG, 100% WRONG. So here’s the story: we decided to save two big claws of the crab for our breakfast the next morning before our flight. Everything would go according to the plan until we received a frightening messages from our landlord (aforementioned).

After that, we’ve just dropped everything we were doing and rushed to the airport asap. But the ugly truth was no matter how early we came to the airport, our flight was still on schedule and we couldn’t change a thing about that because we ain’t in the 100 richest people in the planet list. And guess what? We left the chili crab CLAWS at the hotel. Yup, we just did that and until today I’m still kicking myself over it. What did I think? All I need to do was grab the togo bag and dump it in our carry-on then we can eat it later when we are home. Simply as such. But NO, I had to throw it back at the hotel.

I still can sense the happiness of our room’s cleaning lady and imagine she enjoyed that one of a kind chili crab on our behalf at her best. I can also see her smile and her appreciation for the 2 angels that left her those distinguish crab’s claws as a surprised gift.

I wish she knows that the 2 angels were super hungry on the day they left her beautiful country; and those two claws will be the only thing that lingering on their mind for the rest of their traveling life.

(to be continued)