Stir-Fried Sweet Miso Eggplant

A very easy-to-follow and quick recipe that can guide you to make the most amazing eggplant recipe

Time to cook: 30 minutes

why this recipe is the best

1. Quick and easy 2. Creamy and melt in your mouth 3. Vegan and gluten free 4. Beautiful looking dish

only 30 minutes

What is miso?

Miso is a thick paste made by salting and fermenting soybeans and rice/barley.

How to cook with miso

Miso should never be boiled because high cooking temperature can kill beneficial enzymes and bacteria in miso.

Types of miso

1. Mamemiso: miso made just from soybeans 2. Mugimiso: miso made from barley and soybeans 3. Komemiso: miso made from rice and soybeans

Miso in this recipe

White miso (a form of komemiso) is used in this recipe. It has a mild and sweet flavor.

Which eggplant to use?

Both Asian and Western eggplant can be used in this recipe

Essential ingredients for miso eggplant

1. White miso 2. Eggplant 3. Mirin 4. Sugar 5. Water 6. Green onion

How long can miso paste keep for?

Because of its high salt content, miso paste can be kept indefinitely under refrigeration