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This blog is based on my daily life experiences in both commercial cooking and home cooking. As a full time chef, besides enjoy being in a professional kitchen, I also love spending time at home to do recipe testing and cook for my family. Furthermore, I am an avid yogi and a cat lover. I am so proud of my 6 cats who love me unconditionally and always give me moral support whenever I am in the kitchen. That being said, the recipes found on my blog can be range from a fancy fine dining type of dish to my grandmother’s handed down recipes.

Cookmorphosis owner
Here’s a photo of me taken in Makati, Philippines, summer 2018.


This blog was created on October 2014 with the initial idea of a place to keep track of what I was cooking daily; of course it was kept private. In the beginning of 2015, I decided to public the site to share my inspiration with foodies around the globe. Cooking is my most favorite thing on earth and writing is always on my least favorite list. After I combined these two, I have created a place where I can show the world my creations.

Well, back in 2017, I was stupid enough to forget renewing the hosting of my blog so I lost all of previous posts from the very beginning. Thankfully, I still managed to find the back bone posts which were saved within the web php files. Those files helped me restore some of the posts from the past but not all of them. So you might wonder if this girl said she was blogging from 2015 and heck, she had under 100 posts in 2020, what are the odds right? The odds are I lost around 40 posts due to this silly mistake.

You can always explore more about me through Instagram: Cookmorphosis where you’ll find my other big interests: yoga and cats. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and take time get to know me by reading these lines. Hope we can catch up in some ways (email, instagram, comments, …. anything is welcome!)

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