The person behind this blog has just relocated from Houston. As of 2017, she is a Saigon-based food blogger, food stylist, and practicing aficionado of fine cooking. She's also an avid yogi and a cat lover. She loves writing about her every day events through cooking and visual stories. They can be range from a fancy fine dining type of dish to her grandmother's handed down recipe.

Long story short

This blog was created on October 2014 with the initial idea of a place to keep track of what she was cooking daily; of course it was kept private. In the beginning of 2015, she decided to public the site to share her inspiration with foodies around the globe. Cooking is her most favorite thing on earth and writing is always on her least favorite list. After she combined these two, she has created a place where she can show the world her creation.

She has been fortunate enough to make friends with many luminaries within the community (both online and offline). She’s thankful for her friends and readers who have always been around and supported this blog from the very early stage.

Sense of humor

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