(Unlike onigiri, you don’t need a mold to shape it. Onigirazu means “not to compress or mold” which makes this creative rice balls simple to assemble. Just go with your best instinct, you will be fine.)

Happy Saturday (or Sunday)!

I wish you guys have a fantastic weekend. As for me, I’m trying to deal with my freaking weird allergy. Yup, at this time of the year, it’s all about allergy for me  The good new is my sinus is getting better, the bad new is my throat is the next in line (and I sense that my eyes would probably be the ones after this, oh God, what have you done to me?). I have been coughing like crazy, and by crazy I means one cough every 5 seconds. Lord Cloud has been very mad due to the fact that he could not sleep all day because of my unstoppable coughing.

On top of this, the weather hasn’t been on my side for the last 48 hours either. It’s been raining cats and dogs and with extra thunderstorms at night. This led to the sky became super cloudy and I could not take any photo of my food at all. Just so you know, most of my photos are relied on natural light of Mother Nature. I’m not one of those professionals who have their own photography lightning stands or reflective light umbrellas (I just totally made these terms up and had no idea what the pros call them). And I’m planning to become a Chef not a pro photographer so I did not own any D4, EOS, D800, SLT-A99 or D300S (yup, just Googled it). All I have are my beloved Note 4, Paint (stop laughing, I know what you’re thinking), and *coughing* Photoshop (happy now?). And without natural light, my photos are just like dead meat.

Finally, today it’s getting brighter so I have to quickly make these amazingly delicious Onigirazu before it becomes dark again. Onigirazu is a new version of rice ball (onigiri) and it seems like it is very popular in Japan right now. If you’re all about bento box for lunch, this one is definitely for you. If you’re not, still try it. I bet you will love it so much that if you see Onigirazu at a restaurant or a party, you’re going to eat them up before anyone else has a chance. These trendy rice balls are so easy to make (seriously, you probably don’t need a recipe) and they have all ingredients that I love: nori (seaweed), rice, green, and my creativity.

Onigirazu is a square of warm rice which is layered with ham, cheese, egg, fried chicken, bonito flake, left-over stir-fry, or whatever you like. Ketchup and mayo are common condiments used as spreads. Green such as lettuce, arugula, cilantro, spinach form demarcations in the layers. Other popular options are salmon, chives, cream cheese, tomato. The seaweed is folded around the layers then the stack is cut in half like a sandwich. This onigirazu is unbelievably easy to make. Seriously, you probably don’t need a recipe after looked at my photos.

Onigirazu – New Japanese Food Trend

  • Suitable for diet


  • 4 pieces of seaweed (nori)
  • 1 c of warm steamed rice, divided into 4 equally part
  • 4 pieces of spam
  • 4 eggs, beaten, made 4 little omelettes
  • Bonito flake, as needed
  • Lettuce, cilantro



Lay one piece of nori on a flat surface. Spoon half of 1 part of rice on the middle of the seaweed. Place one piece of spam, eggs on top followed by lettuce, cilantro, bonito flakes on top.


Spoon the second half of the rice on top.


Finally, fold each side of seaweed in to form a square.


Turn the entire square upside down, wait until the seaweed becomes moist then cut it in half. Proceed all over again until all ingredients are gone.

Make sure your rice is warm so the warm rice and nori have time to adhere.