Ohayo Tuesday! Am I the only one who feels that everyday is passing by super fast as we’re getting older? When we were a little kid, it felt like a century for a day. And now, it’s only a blink of an eye, and here we go, one week after another fly by us without looking back. Say hello to adulthood (and it sucks, believe me. If you’re reading this and you’re in your early 20 or mid 20, you’re one lucky human being, go out there and enjoy your time before … well you know, before you’re one of us).

I’m in my late 20, a very late one, though I always feel young like I’m 15 or something – and I mean my heart, my thought and not the physical look (thanks to the crazy Asian mind and the help of meditation and yoga, Ommmm). Age is just a number, don’t you agree? Ok, let’s be honest, we all feel stupid and are angry with our younger selves for wishing to be grown up faster when we were tiny teeny, right? Been there, done that. What the hell was I thinking back then?

Anyway, growing up, time, and age have nothing to do with today Summer Fruit Roll that I wanted to share with you guys. You know, sometimes I just want to talk nonsense things just to clear and detox my mind, and today is one of those sometimes moment. I have no idea whether it’s a real detox way for the mind, but hey, it works for me. So if you decide to talk weird non scripted things (like me) to your friends and strangers and it does not turn out the way you want it to be (have a clearer mind), then please don’t blame me. Proceed with caution, okay?

This fruit roll is not only perfect for the weather but also for the season. It’s summer, and when can you find many different kind of fruits rather than summer, right? I’m a fruit sucker, give me a bowl of any kind of fruit, I finish it within few minutes. Because of that, I always find as many interesting ways to enjoy my fruity moment as possible. So today, I decided to eat my fruit in a more fancy way: make it into a roll like sushi roll and then top it off with cold condensed milk (Us, Asian always find condensed milk more fascinating that whole milk, don’t ask me why). It was super yummy and refresh, believe me. If you like your fruit colder, you can shave some ice and sprinkle on your fruit roll too, it will be your gateway to heaven in this extremely hot weather. You don’t actually need a sushi wrapper to make this roll, if you don’t have one, plastic wrap alone would do the trick. You just need to put a little bit more rolling skills when using the plastic, but it shouldn’t be hard so don’t worry.

Summer Fruit Rolls


  • Avocado, thinly sliced
  • Dragon fruit, honeydew, watermelon, cantaloupe, cut into 5 inch batonnet
  • Condensed milk



Line sushi wrapper with plastic wrap. Place thin slices of avocado overlapped one another on the plastic wrap.


Put one of each dragon fruit, honeydew, watermelon and cantaloupe’s batonnet in the middle of overlapped avocado slices.


Carefully roll sushi wrapper together with plastic wrap toward the middle of avocado, make the roll as tight as possible by pushing the avocado slices together by using your palm.


Once the avocado has stuck, gently pull the plastic out of the roll. Keep pulling the plastic out as you continue to roll over.


Use a sharp knife and slice fruit roll. Top it off with cold condensed milk. Serve cold. Enjoy!